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While the Museum has only a limited amount of floor space for exhibits, we display a breadth of artifacts and information that can keep you looking and reading for several hours. Stop by and learn about Bandon's past.
City History

There are many historical stories told in our displays such as the history of physicians and hospitals in Bandon.


Both the river and the ocean were critical in moving goods to and from Bandon. Artifacts from shipwrecks to ferry boats are on display.

Cranberry Farming

Cranberries grow wild near Bandon and cranberry farming has always been a important means of livelihood. See some of the equipment used at harvest time.

Native American

The Coquille Native American tribe had a village near the shore of the river in the area of 1st Street SW. They were here long before the first white settlers arrived.


Bandon has its share of veterans and many have donated items from their service. These and other artifacts are on display.

Household Artifacts

There are hundreds of examples of everyday articles from daily life in early Bandon on display. Here are a few of the items you might find in your pantry.


For many years the lumber industry was the principle source of work in the area and thus shaped the nature and culture of the community. Mills, logging, shipping, and hauling were all important to Bandon.


Then And Now

A new display showing images of Bandon in the past and present can now be seen. Our student employee Ally Richert developed the new exhibit as part of her summer internship with the museum. Stop by the Museum and take a look!

Tavern Exhibit

More Info and Photos

A new exhibit on the taverns found in the Bandon area has been established.

Wreck of the Fifield - 1916

The Museum has rebuilt the exhibit on the wreck of the steamer "Fifield". Here's the reason why... “The twin screw steam schooner Fifield was wrecked off the Bandon bar at the mouth of the Coquille River at 7:20 this morning, the odd day of the leap year, February 29,” reported The Bandon Recorder for February 29, 1916. This year of 2016 marks the 100th anniversary, or 25th anniversary, to those literal about counting leap days, of the wreck of the Fifield. The Bandon Historical Society Museum is observing the 100-year anniversary with a special exhibit.

More Info and Photos

Early Entertainment

Before television and the internet the primary means of learning the latest news was either newspaper or radio. In the late 1920's through the '50s, radio developed from a science project to a reliable means of communication and entertainment. The museum has several examples of early radios including a 1928 RCA Radiola 60 and a 1931 Jackson Bell. Also seen in the photo is an early RCA Victrola record player. The Radiola has recently been restored and can often be heard playing radio programs from the past. Restoration Story