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Visits by Children, Students and Youth Groups
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Children's Visits

We encourage you to bring your children to the Museum. The exhibits are easily understood and we have many historical artifacts that show what life in Bandon was like in the past.

They can participate in our History Detective's Challenge, a self-guided scavenger hunt that facilitates their movement around the Museum while they gather facts and information to complete the Challenge.

There is no charge for children under 12.

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Classroom Visits

Contact the Museum Student visits to the Museum can be a complimentary component to your school's educational program. The Museum offers hosted visits that can be designed to match the curriculum needs of your students and you can arrange to have a Museum presenter visit your classroom ahead of the visit if desired. In order to provide sufficient time to tailor the presentation to your needs , it is best if you call as far in advance as possible to schedule the visits.

Hands-on exhibits are prepared to allow the students to have an experience they might not have in larger museums.

There is no charge for school visits. Contact the Museum to schedule your classroom's visit.

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Youth Group Visits

Contact the MuseumWould your group like to visit the Museum? We would welcome the visit and can help you plan the event with some advanced notice. We can arrange to have specific items available that may be of interest to you or you can enjoy a more general tour of the many exhibits we have available.

There is no charge for youth group visits. Contact the Museum to schedule your visit.

The items below may be useful for your visit. Please feel free to download and use as you see fit.

History Detective Worksheet - explore the types of materials that were being read in the past.Download as PDF Download as RichText

History Is Now Worksheet - document what is being read today and understand that it will soon be history.Download as PDF Download as RichText