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1. This database consists of approximately 10,500 obituaries clipped from a variety of newspapers covering the past 100+ years, and includes a total of 17,000 names which may or may not include an obituary or photo of a grave marker.
 2. To search, type at least a few of the letters of the LAST NAME of the person you are searching for. Entering less than the full name will generate more hits and result in names that have a different spelling, e.g., if you type GRE, the results would include Green, Greene, Greer, Greenleaf, etc.
3. You can view the full search results for an individual by clicking the "View Details" link. If an obituary is available there will be an "Obit Scan" link and if a grave marker image is available, click on the "Tombstone Photo" link.
4. NOTE: If you are using a CELL PHONE, results are best viewed with the phone in the HORIZONTAL position and then scroll results to see all the information.

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Virtual Cemetery Tour

Averill Cemetery

Take a virtual tour of Bandon's historic cemetery. The cemetery is actually three cemeteries that are on one continuous piece of land. The three cemeteries are the Pioneer, also called the “Averill” Cemetery; the G.A.R. or Grand Army of the Republic cemetery; and the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery. For historical purposes, this tour concentrates on the Pioneer and the G.A.R. sections.

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Database Sources

This database is built upon the work done by many  museum volunteers over the years and was inspired by former Director Judy Knox.  Read about it in our December 2022 newsletter. Two especially diligent volunteers, Paul and Jewell Shelton, collected burial records and obituaries from the area, producing a number of books available in the Museum's research library.  Volunteers have clipped, pasted, filed and then scanned obits for many years.  This database combines the information from some of the Shelton books and the Museum's Obituary Card File along with photographs taken by Museum volunteers. Kathy Dornath and Mary Capps have been active in clipping obituaries over the years. Susan, Bob and Steven Coraor digitized the obituaries and created the database.

There will be errors in this data just as there were errors in all the sources.  Please, if you find an error, you can click on the "Comments" button and let us know so we can make a correction. 

An Index to the Burials in the Cemeteries of Bandon, Coos Co. Oregon, Paul and Jewell Shelton and the Bandon Historical Society.

Index to Burials from the Amling-Schroeder Funeral Home, Bandon OR 1927-2000, Jewell and Paul Shelton.

Records of Burials in the Averill Pioneer Cemetery and the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Paul and Jewell Shelton and the Bandon Historical Society, 1998.

I.O.O.F Cemetery Index and Obituaries Bandon, OR., Paul and Jewell Shelton.

KP/VFW Cemeteries Index and Obituaries Bandon OR., Paul and Jewell Shelton.

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