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Millard Military School

prepared by Andy Christensen

Millard Military School

Millard In 1953, Colonel Homer Millard and his wife, Esther, opened the Millard Military School on Langlois Mountain. It was patterned after the Millard School that had been in Washington, D.C. In 1962, the school was moved to Bradley Lake in Bandon due to the increasing number of students. Colonel Millard died that year and Esther continued to deliver her quality education for another 19 years. The last class to graduate from the Millard School in Bandon was in 1981. Esther died in 2006 at the age of 96.

The Millard School on Langlois Mountain; pre-1962. That site, along with the restored buildings, became “Langlois Mountain Retreat” and later "Highland Woods Group Getaway". Those of you who attended prior to the move will recognize some of the buildings at the above site. Some of you apparently penned your names on a wall in one of the bulidings; this has been preserved behind a plexiglas shield. Notice the shield on the flagpole. This shield is presently at the Bandon Historical museum.

Randall Holloway identified the class photo as the class of 1961. He also said that “R House” (seen in the photo of names etched on the wall) stood for “recreation house” and the dog’s name in the top picture was “Benno”.Thanks Randall!

Esther Millard is seen in the photo addressing dignitaries at the school. Notice the cannon which Mrs. Millard donated to our museum. This is the same cannon seen in the color photo sitting in the museum. Because of the weight of the cannon, we have it on display in the gift shop which has a concrete floor (the other floors in the museum would not support its weight). This cannon was manufactured in 1859 by the French. It was captured in the Franco-Prussian War by the Germans. Its only link to Bandon history is its appearance at the Millard School. We think it is a beautiful piece of history and are grateful to Mrs. Millard for donating it to the Bandon Historical Society.

Bill Marvel, Millard class of 1965 has authored a very interesting booklet detailing the story titled The Millard School and Foundation and can be viewed by clicking the link on the title.

Ric Lewallen, Millard class of 1971, also has created several web pages devoted to the Millard School and the students that attended it.  You can view those pages by clicking on this Millard Prep School LINK.

The Millards had quite an impact on the lives of many young people throughout their tenure at the Millard School. The Bandon Historical Society often gets emails from former students who attest to their positive influence. Homer and Esther are both interred in the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon.

The following listing contains names that the Bandon Historical Society has obtained from various sources. Where possible, the year of expected graduation has been included. If you would like your name added to this list, please contact Museum's Executive Director.  If there is a correction needed on these pages, please contact the webmaster.

Additional Photos we have received from various sources can be seen at the following link:  ADDITIONAL PHOTOS

First Last Year   First Last Year   First Last
Gary Siewell 1957   Donald H Sydney 1968   Steven E Bonvicin
John Hosking 1959   Michael Vincert 1968   Dan L Briggs
Pete Caldarelli 1960   Glenn R West 1968   Lawfence W. Derouvin
Steve Caldwell 1960   Clark Wilson 1968   Randy Dockendorf
Doug Catching 1960   Robert W. Williams 1968   M Dee Ewin
Paul Cowan 1960   Robert A Wrecke 1968   John Graham Jr.
John Driscoll 1960   Darrell Dixion Bash 1969   Ed Hawkins
Gerald H. Felix 1960   Larry E Faber 1969   John P Hoard
Steve Gann 1960   Mark Goslin 1969   James C Massoio

  Richard Henley 1969  

Jerry Gittlein 1960   Art Herdzik 1969   Michael W. McNerney
Ron Halloran 1960   Richard Scott Hersman 1969   Norm Nuckolls
?? Holley 1960   Jim Kelly 1969   John Pavils
Tiny Lulay 1960   Dale Kimsey 1969   Scott R Petry

  John Patrick Metcalf 1969  

Tim Murray 1960   Don Shelton 1969   Charles W. Quinnell
Gus Mussett 1960   Sabre Tice 1969   William (Bill) Ray
John Rhymers 1960   Rob Wayne 1969   J.Daniel Reay
Mike Rooney 1960   Robert Yeschek 1969   Kenneth G Wright
John Vondrak 1960   Jay G. Allen 1970  

Timothy Westover 1960   William Butler 1970  

Kenneth P. Wicks 1960   Dennis Coryell 1970  

Ron Bashant 1961   Douglas H Frost Jr. 1970  

Lance Burton 1961   Roy Lower 1970  

John Childress 1961   William L. MacElhaney 1970  

Howell Estes 1961   Dale J. Nova 1970  

Carlos Estrada 1961   Robert J. Skrak 1970  

Tom Gussell 1961   Al Stockdale 1970  

Randall Holloway 1961   Steven Swymer 1970  

Kary LaFors 1961   Duane A. Jones 1971  

Jerry Lynn 1961   Eric C Lewallen 1971  

Mertes 1961   Kelly Rhode 1971  

Michael E. Ryan 1961   Jeff Adams 1972  

  Donald E. Beasley 1972  

Grey Warren 1961   Austin K. Bryan 1972  

William Farris 1962   Mike A. Chalmers 1972  

Lester C. Hess, Jr. 1962   David L. Connors 1972  

Michael P. Kennedy 1962   Oscar A. (Tex) Heinlein 1972  

Ronald Wayne Terry 1962   Jay G. Kennon 1972  

Timothy L Trabate 1962   Michael Nelson 1972  

George P. Cole, Jr. 1963   David E. Schnabel 1972  

John B. Glaisyer 1963   Garry M Sheppard 1972  

Gary J Green 1963   Wesley M. Smith 1972  

  Karl Steiner 1972  

James B Klockars 1963   Brian K. Tschabold 1972  

Wayne 1963   Robert T. Veale 1972  

Richard Cefalo 1964   Phillip A. Vollelunga 1972  

Phillip C Lynch 1964   Steven Baumgartner 1973  

Kaiser 1964   Bruce Billig 1973  

Allen Wing 1964   David Humke 1973  

Babits 1965   Richard

Richard E. Butler 1965   Nick Reuss 1973  

Richard Cerda 1965   Daniel L. Riggin 1973  

Edward C. (Towne) Chambers 1965   Anthony Wayne 1973  

Jerry Cooper 1965   Stephen L. Derrick 1974  

Gary Howe 1965   John Fleming 1974  

Crittenden "Crit" Hughes 1965   Mark Greene 1974  

Manzo 1965  


Villiam (Bill) Marvel 1965   Tom Holz 1974  

Tom Moyer 1965   Mac Silvester 1974  

Charles Swegles 1965   Jeff Wayne 1974  

John Thrift 1965   Mike Bird 1975  

  Robert Lee Burell 1975  

Michael Ray VanDiver 1965   William Carrington 1975  

Michael Williams 1965   Kent Clark 1975  

Robert (Bob) Burnett 1966   Scott Craigle 1975  

William B. (Jr.) Crary 1966   Gregory Finch 1975  

John DiNardo 1966   Stephen R. Matson 1975  

Tucker Flaherty 1966   James Regan 1975  

Honi Garvin 1966   Mark Valentine, MD 1975  

John Gorman 1966   Mike Vinsky 1975  

Gary Gumbert 1966   Vincent W. Anderson 1976  

Crit Hughes 1966   Steve Bricker 1976  

Ted Keefer 1966   Jonathan Crosby 1976  

David Love 1966   Dwight Evans 1976  

  Charles King 1976  

George Sparks 1966   Lloyd Long 1976  

John Sublett 1966   Joel Lovingfoss 1976  

Bill Tench 1966   Mark Murray 1976  

Vincent N. Zabala, Jr. 1966   Scott Patillo 1976  







1967   Rob Patterson 1976  



Robert L.
Moore, Jr






Mark R Allen 1968   John (Jason) Roosma 1977  

David M Bowman 1968   David Tate 1976  

Michael Brurgautt 1968   Austin R. Bryan 1977  

Ted Burock 1968   Joseph C. Crownover 1977  

Daniel E Caldwell 1968   Lawerence E. Darbonne 1977  

  Chapman 1968   Robert Fulton 1977  

Robert M Conners 1968   Michael W. McNemey 1977  

Kenneth Coryell 1968   Bret Niemeyer 1977  

Robert A Currier 1968   Paul M. Rogers 1977  

S. David 1968   Timothy (Tim) Shindelar 1977  

William L
Deeley III
1968   Timothy Stoy 1977  

  Robert (Bucket) Williams 1977  

  Timothy L.
Watkins 1977  

Richard Teal Denman III 1968   Mike Woods 1977  

George L Estrada 1968   James Alexander 1978  

Daniel E Farr III 1968   Phil Bossert 1978  

William Faucher 1968   David Bowie 1978  

Robert M Feeley 1968   John W Bridge 1978  

William B Foulois 1968   Steven D Clark 1978  

Hans Jurrgen Frick 1968   Mark Craven 1978  

Ferris F Gates 1968   George Desautel 1978  

Glenn A Gats ??? 1968   Brent Durett 1978  

Douglas Ray Goodman 1968   James Ferris 1978  

Robert Gorgie 1968   Joanne Galindo 1978  

Andrew P Gray 1968   Daniel Harrier 1978  

  Maxine Hartman 1978  

L.John Haaf Jr 1968   Kevin Howard 1978  

William John Hechenow III 1968   Ben Huff 1978  

Roy Hendrickson II 1968   Steve Katapski 1978  

Berne Holman 1968   John Keene 1978  

Clarence F Horton III 1968   Rodney Lambert 1978  

John Hosking 1968   Steve Lusk 1978  

Bruce E. Jarvis 1968   Alan Massengale 1978  

David P. Kahle 1968   Pete McCaffrey 1978  

John Laakman 1968   Mark

William (Bill) Leech 1968   Joann Nolan 1978  

Ted Bryan Leenerts 1968   Ivan Redford 1978  

William Robert Looney III 1968   Rick Reichart 1978  

Norman A Lussier II 1968   Dave Ross 1978  

Thomas A Martin 1968   Brad Silver 1978  

William J Mason jr. 1968   Brian Smith 1978  

Mark P Meyer 1968   John J. Staud 1978  

Michael V. Nelam 1968   Paul Tingle 1978  

Thomask Pappas 1968   Rick Turner 1978  

Donald L Parks 1968   Rick White 1978  

Ferde "Fred" Peche III 1968   Ronald (Ron) Carye 1979  

James Putman 1968   Rensselaer (Curt) Havens 1979  

Hupp 1979  

William W.
Richards III 1968   Randy Neal 1979  

Richard (Rock) Roach 1968   Randy Brandenburg 1980  

Robinson 1968   Tom Flangan 1980

David E. Schnabel 1968   Patrick Hanford 1980  

Charles D Schwalier 1968   Curtis Kong 1980  

Thomas W. Sitzmann 1968   Kevin F. Miles 1980  

Victor A. Sorlie 1968   Steven Baerst 1981  

Michael J Spees 1968   Alan Black 1981  

DaWayne D Stackelski 1968   Tony Campbell 1981  

David J Stephens 1968   Del

Raymond M. Stump 1968   Sid